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Love2 Jam Radio

Levean “ Myss Lovie” Pinkston
Is the Founder and CEO of Love 2 Jam Radio. Known for the original events Battle Ground Houston, Cypher Sundays & Houston Unplugged; all of which cater to Independent artists, Myss Lovie has brought her version of rap entertainment to the third coast. In addition to doing features for various independent hip-hop artists, Myss Lovies voice might seem familiar from guest appearances on local radio shows, and hosting of events. Viewing the industry with a rose-colored pair of hater blockers, Myss Lovies bubbly personality and sweet disposition will distract you from the cutting facts that she is able to convey. Now she has branched out into her own, and extends the olive branch to all advocates of real Hip-Hop/R&B and INDEPENDENT BRANDING. With IN-HOUSE Production, and an extensive network that ranges from fashion to DISTRIBUTION, Love 2 Jam Radio is the NEXT LEVEL in internet radio and independent brand exposure. 

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#FORARTISTBYARTISTS is our mantra here at Love2Jam Radio! We are ARTIST FRIENDLY & advocate for ALL things INDEPENDENT- we are your reliable platform for being...